From the absolute beginner to the more experienced computer user, WeFixIT provides one to one training to suit your abilities and requirements - at a pace which suits you.

With over 14 years computer industry experience, we can train you in all aspects of daily computer use. Just call and let us know your requirements.

Microsoft Word

Learn how to use Microsoft Word to write letters with a professional appearance. Find out how to format and layout documents using the multitude of functions offered in Word.

Microsoft Excel

Excel needn't be frightening! Many people have Excel on their PC and never get beyond opening it for the first time. Learn how to use Execl to track your finances and much more.

Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint can be a bit daunting the first time you look at it but it really is not that hard to use. Gain a useful skill that you can use in your workplace and make yourself a more valuable employee!

Microsoft Publisher

Publisher is a great tool for producing newsletters, flyers and posters. If you are involved in a club or group, learn to use Microsoft Publisher to design eye catching handouts with a small amount of effort.

File Management

Modern computers have vast amounts of storage space. This makes efficient use of files and folders vitally important if you want to easily find your photos, documents and music. Let WeFixIT show you how your PC hard drive is organised and how to make best of your storage space.

Email and Internet

Keep in touch with friends from all over the world with simple to use email. Learn how to send photos and files as attachments with your emails - it's easy! Find out how to surf the Internet safely and use convenient services such as online banking and shopping.

Online Trading

Learn how to grab the bargains on ebay! Join in the online revolution by opening an account with ebay and find out how to buy safely on the number one auction site. Also find out how to advertise and sell your unwanted items from a seasoned ebayer.